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WW1 Reproductions and Great War Period Replicas, Great War Reenactors period replicas for Reenactors Equipment, WW1 Living Historians and WW1 Film Props or Great War Period TV props

Tommy's Pack Fillers will be closing down until 2016 due to relocation. If you require items within the next 6 months please do so WELL IN ADVANCE OF 31st OCTOBER 2015

Great War Period Soldiers Reproductions and Great War Period Reenactors equipment for WW1 Film Props or TV series

Welcome to Tommy's Pack Fillers, (now incorporating the Boer War 'Q' store), specializing in the finest museum quality British Great War period reproductions for the discerning First World War living historian, WW1 reenactor or collector.
Limited edition Great War period repro items as supplied to museums, enthusiasts world wide and as WW1 props for motion pictures, TV films and WW1 period theatrical productions.
Limited edition WW1 replicas - When they've gone they have gone!

Featured WW1 Weapons Reproduction

Number 5 (Mark 1) Grenades

 WW1 reproductions and replicas

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